Do Females Stop Making Love After Age 65?

Do Females Stop Making Love After Age 65?

Some time ago, within my yearly well woman visit, my gynecologist asked me personally if I happened to be sexually active. I informed her I became, and yes, i needed A std that is routine check. Then she informed me personally that I would personallyn’t need to worry about those for excessively longer because, “women stop sex around 65.”

We blinked. We couldn’t quite simply simply take in exactly what she stated.

“Sixty-five?” we repeated. The terms “that’s just 13 more years!” flashed in my own mind like a strobe light.

“Sixty-five or 70 is generally whenever women stop having sex,” she nodded with assurance.

“But just just what if we don’t would you like to stop making love when I’m 65?” we asked.

She stared at me personally for a minute, as though this is the time that is first patient had said anything.

My gynecologist is about 70 by by herself, and appears to have a mature clientele. I was thinking concerning the women that had sat slump-shouldered and stony-faced when you look at the waiting room beside me. Each of them seemed old. We don’t mean numbers old; i am talking about not-with-a-bang-but-with-a-whimper old. The tacit that is collective for the reason that room have been deafening.

Possibly one explanation the life span force seemed to have drained from their bodies ended up being that they’d stopped sex that is having?

Once I read articles which can be targeted towards boomer females, or once I see pictures of midlife feamales in the news, we can’t put my brain all over undeniable fact that I’m “that old.” we don’t brain being fifty-two. ادامه مطلب …